On the rise all over New England, craft distilling is taking us back to our Yankee roots and combining a farm-to-table ethos with the longstanding art and science of producing fine spirits. We’re particularly excited about two newish distilleries in Portland Maine and Southern Rhode Island.

Maine Craft Distilling

Maine Craft Distilling offers a full line of spirits, which includes two gins (one made from carrots), rum, spiced rum, vodka and “blueshine.” Yup, you guessed it: blueberry moonshine with maple syrup. Could we get any more Maine?!

Doubly impressive is that all of the stills, silos, fermentation vats and floor malting spaces were built by hand following historical methods by founder Luke Davidson, who also sources Maine-grown barley for his spirits.

So, next time you book a visit at The Pomegranate, definitely plan to include a distillery tour in your foodie adventures. Open Tuesday-Thursday 1-5 pm and Friday-Sunday 12-6 pm.

Sons of Liberty

Since 2009, Sons of Liberty Spirits Company has been boldly bottling their own hyper-local American Single Malt Whiskey in Southern Rhode Island.

As co-founder Mike Repucci explains, the flavor of their whiskies is unique because of its complexity—which is created through unconventional brewing practices that use the same malts and yeasts you’d find in your favorite flavorful beers.

The result? Rich, unexpected, flavorful and “hoppy” whiskies that will surprise your palate with the key characteristics of a fine single malt AND your favorite IPA.

So next time you’re down here as our guest at The Break, head over to Sons of Liberty for a tour—offered Wednesdays through Saturdays for just $10 including tasting.

Call Now: (401) 363-9800