With The Break’s grand opening on the horizon, our team has been busy with final preparations on every floor and in every corner. Beyond the installation of the giant aquarium in the lobby, tiling the outdoor pool and spa, and hanging artwork throughout, there’s still work to be done in the kitchen – and we don’t just mean making sure all of the shiny new appliances are in tip top shape. Back here, we’re focused on a different kind of construction…we’re building the breakfast menu. Pulling from a variety of sources, we’re starting to create our own signature collection of curated small plates to offer guests when they arrive in June. So where exactly do we get our inspiration?

The Blogosphere

Smitten Kitchen and Orangette are go-to’s for our own morning meals. No cold bowl of cereal here.

Classic Cook Books with Modern Appeal

We’re huge fans of Elizabeth David, author of French Provincial Cooking, and share her belief that every dish is better with an egg on top. Back in the Day Bakery is another great recipe source for breads and homemade baked goods.

The British Are Coming…to TV

We’re longtime fans of the Food Network, but when we’re really craving some creative culinary tips with a side of oddball humor, we change the channel to the Great British Bake Off on PBS. We’re still trying to convince upper management that The Break’s kitchen needs one of those retro colored Kitchen Aid mixers with a clear glass bowl. Anything else simply wouldn’t be proper.

Our Own Taste Buds

We think the prune is seriously underrated as a breakfast fruit, and its recent rebranding is the best thing that’s happened to it in years. Plan on seeing dried plums on our menu with regularity (wink, wink).

Until breakfast at The Break makes its début, we leave you with some thoughts on options around town.

Cool Beans Café

This coastal café features locally roasted coffee from New Harvest Roasters for a morning perk-me-up. With its prime location near the Town Beach, you can take your joe to go and enjoy a walk along the seawall for some fresh air and ocean views. They have a good assortment of fresh baked goods and tasty panini, ranging from inventive (beets, goat cheese, and greens) to traditional (bacon, egg, and cheese).

Bluebird Café

Located in Wakefield, a 10-minute drive from the hotel, the Bluebird is where the locals go to do breakfast. This hole-in-the-wall diner features all day breakfast with an added BYOB twist, ideal for the vacationer who wants a little something extra in their fresh OJ. While its strip mall location and dated décor may be off-putting at first, the made-from-scatch meals, friendly service, and hot coffee make it a morning can’t miss.

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