To say that the bow-front aquarium in The Break’s lobby is a focal point would be a bit of an understatement. At 400 gallons, it’s like a hotel inside a hotel. Teeming with a colorful and diverse assortment of fish, coral, and invertebrates, it takes a team of experts to maintain this showpiece. The squad at Something Fishy is quite the catch – not only are they based in nearby Warwick, RI, but they service notable tanks at Google in Cambridge, MA; Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT; and Cabelas in Berlin, MA.

Eighteen species of fish are represented in our lobby, carefully selected and introduced in a phased approach to keep the tank and its inhabitants happy and healthy. We started off with a pair of clown fish, who will look familiar to Finding Nemo fans, in order to build beneficial bacteria that would support life underwater. In the next few weeks, some larger fish will join the delicate ecosystem, including a blue hippo tang and yellow tangs. We treat all of our fish to a top flight menu, providing mysis shrimp, scallops, squid, krill, clams, algae, and salmon every day. The 20+ species of coral use a combination of sunlight and a special liquid diet of phytoplankton, rotifers, and oyster eggs to get their energy for the day.

To keep our aquarium ship-shape for those inside and out, the fish-loving folks at Something Fishy change 20-30% of the water once a week, vacuum the sand, clean the glass, and scrub the equipment. Our favorite part of the process? The Swedish fish and joke they leave behind every time – here’s one of that latest that had us howling: Why are fish so bad at basketball? They won’t go near the net!

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