Generations ago, our Yankee forefathers (and mothers?) might have had some other reasons for being merry besides the oh-so-temperate Rhode Island climate…

You see, small craft distilleries used to exist all over the region—with more than 100 rum distilleries all along the coast of New England alone! Now, this once-faded tradition is making a serious comeback.

Today, you can find at least 30 craft distilleries all across New England—from the mountains of Vermont to the coast of Maine. And, we’re proud to add, one of the best is right within roaming distance of our spot of shoreline here at our Narragansett hotel.

Since 2009, Sons of Liberty Spirits Company has been boldly bottling their own hyper-local American Single Malt Whisky in Southern Rhode Island.

As co-founder Mike Repucci explains, the flavor of Sons of Liberty whiskies is unique because of its complexity—which is created through unconventional brewing practices that use the same malts and yeasts you’d find in your favorite flavorful beers.

The result? Rich, unexpected, flavorful and “hoppy” whiskies that will surprise your palate with the key characteristics of a fine single malt AND your favorite IPA.

So next time you’re down here as our guest at The Break, head over to Sons of Liberty for a tour—offered Wednesdays through Saturdays for just $10 including tasting.

And in the meantime, if you can get your hands on their popular 100% malted barley “Uprising”, you may just want to try your hand at this little number we found on their website:

“Bloody Uprising”

¾ Oz. Uprising (Sons of Liberty American Single Malt)

¾ Oz. Sweet Vermouth

¾ Oz. Cherry Heering

Shake with Ice, pour into a chilled glass, and top with a splash of fresh OJ.

Cheers to that!

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