For Narragansett locals and visitors alike, the reappearance of food trucks by the beach is a sure sign that summer is near. From now until September, Narragansett Town Beach will play host to a fine fleet of food trucks every Monday evening. Food trucks have been serving up delicious meals on wheels around our little state for years – whether at a farmer’s market or on the city sidewalks of Providence – but nothing beats the fun of walking barefoot off the beach to scoop up dinner. And with a line up of six different trucks offering their own special takes on everything from seafood to vegan ice cream, there’s truly something for everyone. Here’s a snapshot of the vendors:

Pizza by Fire
Thin crust pizza baked in an authentic Italian style wood fired oven.

Shuckin’ Truck
Fresh local oysters and littlenecks shucked just for you right inside the truck.

Eddie’s BBQ
Specializing in pulled pork & ribs, feed good foods, and delectable BBQ vegetarian options.

Lady Copacabana
Traditional street food with an American fusion twist equals Brazilmerican cuisine.

Like No Udder
Vegan soft serve ice cream and other treats. For our dairy-friendly friends, we promise you won’t be able to tell a difference. It’s that good.

Buddy’s Hot Rod Dogs
Hot dogs of all types, sausage & peppers grinders, meatball subs, assorted snacks & drinks.

Hungry yet (’cause we are)? The food trucks will be parked at Narragansett Town Beach every Monday from 6-10pm, giving you plenty of time to try them all. Welcome to summer in Narragansett!

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