The Contemporary Theater Company of Wakefield has a special story to tell.

They are a non-profit community theater and they hold more performances per year than any other theater company in Rhode Island. Their mission is to inspire, to entertain and to push the imaginations of the community. To help them continue to provide the community with opportunities in the arts, The Break Hotel teamed up with the company and held a night of opportunity to support their most significant achievement yet: securing the Contemporary Theater Company’s home in South Country for years to come.

In April, The Break held an elegant evening in support of the local entertainment and arts of the Contemporary Theater Company.

“The night was a spectacular success – a gorgeous setting filled with a warm and generous crowd,” said Artistic Director Chris J. Simpson. “We are so grateful for the opportunity to share the great mission of the Contemporary Theater Company with an audience of friends new and old, and we were honored to raise so much funding for the cause of purchasing and renovating our theater on Main Street.”

“The Contemporary Theater Company is a great asset to the South County community, and we are so happy to support them in their efforts to meet their goals,” said Becky Durkin, co-owner of The Break Hotel.

Visit their website to check out their show season.

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